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Top 10 Cannabis Tech Solution Companies - 2022

The cannabis industry has been subject to numerous reforms that have transformed the way producers grow their crops and how customers use their cannabis products. The advancements in cannabis tech over the last decade have not only helped revolutionize the cultivation process but also enabled users to have a safer and better experience while consuming the final product. In addition to a higher quality of cannabis products, cannabis tech also provides customers a platform where they can socialize and search for products and dispensaries in their neighborhood.

In today’s digital era, data plays an integral role in every industry. Be it for growing marijuana plants, customer and order management, task management, or compliance with regulations, cloud platforms are enabling producers in the space to make data-driven decisions that drive productivity across cannabis operations. From sowing the first seed to sealing the first deal, there are multiple areas across the cannabis development cycle that can be streamlined using cannabis tech.

As such, technological progressions are helping cannabis companies streamline their practices in smarter ways. This edition of Food and Beverages Tech Review features companies with expertise in offering state-of-the-art cannabis tech solutions and cannabis testing services. A distinguished selection panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and the Food and Beverages Tech Review’s editorial board has compiled a list of cannabis tech companies and cannabis testing companies. The enlisted companies leverage innovative technologies to deliver the tools, resources, and solutions that organizations need to accelerate business growth and improve bottom lines. In order to assist CIOs in identifying the right cannabis tech and testing company, Food and Beverages Tech Review presents to you “Top 10 Cannabis Tech Solutions Providers 2022.”

    Top Cannabis Tech Solution Companies

  • Cann Drying Systems offers a groundbreaking and easy-to-use cannabis drying and curing solutions that empower businesses to automate personnel-heavy operations and enhance product quality. The company has developed a revolutionary heat pump-based dehumidification system that is fundamentally transforming how the cannabis industry operates. Unlike the commonly used vapor pressure differential and microwave drying methods, Cann employs an emulation of the standard low and slow warm air techniques that have been used for decades. Cann has developed closed-loop systems where clients can control the three critical aspects of the processing—temperature, humidity, and airflow.

  • Thar Process offers sustainable CO2 extraction and purification technology and equipment for the cannabis industry. With its tagline "Sustainable – Trust," Thar Process is committed to providing sustainable CO2-based processes for natural product extraction of flavors, food components, supplements, and cosmetics, as well as purification of synthetic analogs for pharmaceuticals. The company only utilizes CO2, not any harsh hydrocarbon solvents or flammable ethanol in the extraction process and about 98 percent for the isolation/purification process – which means a very low OPEX that is also good for the bottom line. The company offers CO2 extraction and purification solutions for the life sciences and cannabis sectors that include chemistry, design, and process development and optimization from idea to commercialization.

  • Akerna


    Akerna empowers the cannabis market by offering operators, governments, and brands with compliance, payments, data, track-and-trace, seed-to-sale, and consultation



    BLAZE gives clients the data, insights, and tools to expand their cannabis business while increasing revenues

  • Brightfield Group

    Brightfield Group

    Brightfield Group uses forward-thinking analytics and strategic insights to help CBD, Cannabis, and Wellness firms flourish

  • Canix


    Canix's cannabis ERP software simplifies the time-consuming and inconvenient tasks associated with compliance, inventory management, and sales in any cannabis company

  • Flowhub


    Flowhub is a cannabis retail software firm that offers compliance, point of sale, inventory control, and business analytics solutions to dispensaries

  • Jointly


    Jointly's mission is to empower users to unleash a whole new level of wellbeing via constructive cannabis consumption

  • Lucid Green

    Lucid Green

    Lucid Green is a technological network that offers a one-of-a-kind code to connect the whole cannabis ecosystem, from manufacturing to consumption

  • Treez Inc.

    Treez Inc.

    Treez is a technological platform at the heart of the cannabis business. Treez's dependable software is the benchmark for the retail supply chain management

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